Jared Rodgers

Barbershopper Of The Year - 2023


Awarded to Jared Rodgers

Jared Rodgers was instramental in helping re-inforce the new culture being built in Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma in 2023.

Jared was responsible for taking care of all of our rookies at the Southwestern District convention this year. He provided a room, food and a place for our rookies to learn about the district and everything it has to offer. He also provided our rookies with the famous VSO rookie T-Shirts that made all of our veterans jelous. 

Jared is a true example of what the Vocal Sounds of Oklahoma stands for. He is a true leader and we are very honored to have him with us! 

Congratulations Jared!

Criteria for BOTY

(to be decided soon by the Exec)